Veronica: Diana Ross- Endless Love

11144086_10206569402933014_3766898532597446583_n Veronica: Diana Ross- Endless Love

This is my Mum and Dad’s wedding song.

My Mum is English. My Dad is Filipino and Filipinos love karaoke. Every day. Every week. Every party. We don’t even need a party. We just love karaoke.

This song  is memorable because it’s the one they got married to and this is the song that was the karaoke soundtrack of our childhood.

My Dad’s Mum, my Grandma, was a Nanny to a British family in the Philippines. When they moved to London, they asked if she would move with them. She said yes, if she could bring her two youngest kids with her. One of those was my Dad.

It was 1975. He was twenty two and they moved into a block of flats in Kentish Town.  The  day they arrived they saw snow for the first time.  And my Dad saw the girl of his dreams for the first time.

She was only 16 and she lived with her Mum and Dad on the opposite balcony. He reckons it was love at first sight. One day he managed to be at the garbage chute at the same time as her.

They went on to have six children.

We only had three bedrooms. The five girls shared one room and the only boy had his own room. It meant the sitting room doubled up as a bedroom sometimes. I remember it had these mismatched sofas- one was green and white, one was brown and we had loads of cheap second hand furniture and a TV and this is where we would do our karaoke.164084_1799188818715_7225090_n

My Mum is the hero of the family. Mum to everyone, even my mates would confide in her. She’s grew up in the Salvation Army so she knows how to sing. My Dad is a chef, tells bad jokes-  that I love and can’t sing to save his life. They used to sing Endless Love together and all us kids would join in.

When we had a party there would often be thirty of us singing away. There’d be my Grandma, aunties, cousins, friends and neighbours. And a lot of Rice, Pork, Noodles and Fish.

My Mum and Dad recently celebrated 30 years of marriage.  They took me and my four sisters and brother to Greece.  It was only when we were there that I heard for the first time of how they met.

Us kids sang their song to them and made my Mum cry.

Photos: sent from Veronica, Sunderland.


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November 17, 2015

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