Sophie: Mini Disco- Veo, Veo

Sophie Veo VeoSophie: Mini Disco- Veo, Veo

“My Dad used to have a villa in Menorca. We would fly out about four times a year. Every night we would go to the local disco in our complex and the dancing would start with this song ‘Veo,Veo’. All the Spanish people would go wild. I learnt all the moves.
I thought I was the best and would show off to all my visiting cousins trying to teach them.
It drove my dad demented. He tried to get me to go to other bars but I wouldn’t.
I didn’t know what the song was called but for my 21st birthday he found out. He asked Josef from the bar to send a CD over from Spain and my Dad put it on at my party as a surprise. Mind he calls it ‘Bill, Bill’ because that’s what it sounds like in Spanish. To be honest. I don’t even know what the lyrics say but it’s definitely my happy holiday song. Here, I’ve just found it on my phone.”

Photo: Whitburn, South Tyneside



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September 13, 2015

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