Sadie: Madonna- La Isla Bonita

Sadie La Isla BonitaSadie: Madonna- La Isla Bonita

“I was getting married to my husband. I didn’t know him. It was an arranged marriage so we were strangers. My husband was from Dubai and my homeland was Pakistan. I was very nervous and confused about what type of person he is.

We established a relationship. He was very kind. He introduced me to lots of western songs he’d heard on Dubai radio. He introduced me to ‘La Isla Bonita’ , we didn’t dance to it but both of us used to listen to it and enjoy it. After six months of marriage my husband had to go to the USA and other countries abroad for one year.

I used to listen to this song. I would write him letters saying “I am missing you too much, when you come back? I am listening to our song”.

When he came back we listened to it together. We still do. When I hear it now I think of those golden days and the suffering of that period. We’ve been married fifteen years and have three children and live in Sunderland these days. We still enjoy that song.”

Photo: Sunderland City Centre




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September 24, 2015