Rachel: Eva Cassidy- Over The Rainbow

Rachel Eva CassidyRachel: Eva Cassidy- Over The Rainbow

“My Mam always used to listen to this doing the housework. She was the boss lady of the family. There was lots of boys and she was always the one that would tell them off. They were scared of her but me and my sister weren’t. She was nee bother.

We lived in a cul–de-sac and all the neighbours would turn to her. Like the time a little lass on the street drank a load of bleach. Her Mam was hysterical and my Mam was trying to get the bairn to drink a load of water.

She’d make tea in a little pot and decorate cakes.

Nine years ago she moved to the Dominican Republic and she kept everyone in order there too. When she took bad and was in hospital I played her this on my laptop. She was on morphine and it made her very sensitive to sound so she was always getting me to turn the volume down. We played it at her funeral too.”

Photo: Roker, Sunderland



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September 16, 2015