Paul: Bon Jovi- Living On A Prayer

Paul: Bon Jovi- Living On  A Prayer

Paul-and-Sharon-Bon-Jovi-1024x915“It was 1980 and we met at a friend’s house. I didn’t take much notice of her at first but we ended up going on a date and becoming an item. We used to go drinking in Newcastle at places like The Haymarket. She liked music like Duran Duran I but I liked heavy music like Rush and Ozzy Osbourne.‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ played everywhere we went. I guess if you take the rock that I liked and the pop that Sharon liked, Bon Jovi kind of meets us in the middle.

I didn’t sport the Bon Jovi bandana but I did have long curly hair that I wore in rats tails.”

Photo: Southwick, Sunderland