Pam Royle – TV Presenter: Paul Simon- Gumboots

TV Presenter- Tyne Tees, Pam Royle shares her most memorable song and story: Paul Simon- Gumboots.

The reason I love it so much is takes me back to my childhood. I spent my early years in South Africa. Every Sunday we used to go to the Mine dances. That was where the miners used to all get together and dance and they would dress up in their tribal costume and one of my most favourite dances was the gumboot dance. That was when they used to wear wellies because the mines often flooded.

They used to slap their boots, they would have bells on their boots, they would chant and they would sing and the rhythm of their body was just magnificent. It was a joy to watch. So every time I hear Paul Simon’s Gumboots it takes me back to my childhood.


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October 18, 2015

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