Melanie Hill – Actor: Jimmy Nail- Big River

Melanie Hill – Actor:  Jimmy Nail- Big River

(Coronation Street, Waterloo Road, Brassed Off)

The reason I picked this song is that it is actually my go to record when I’ve had a few drinks and I want to think about the olden days. It’s such an evocative song. The lyrics are so beautiful. They take you back into that era when the ship building industry was massive and the coal industry.

My grandfather was a miner so it makes me think about him. I lived with my grandparents for a while and I think about them a lot. It means a lot where I come from. I am a very, very proud Wearsider.

I know it’s about the river Tyne but it’s the same sort of thing. The guys who worked on the river, the stevedores and all that massive industry. The North East was a big, big place in those days and it was stripped away. It’s kind of an anthem because the chorus is really great to sing along to. It goes ‘This is a big river, I want you all to know’ (sings), sung a lot better by Jimmy. It’s a good song. Go play it!

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