Martyn: Niall Quinn’s Disco Pants

Part Two of Two

My first memorable song was ‘Cheer Up Peter Reid’ which led to my other most memorable song- a football chant in honour of Niall Quinn. He came to the club from Manchester City. I run A Love Supreme fanzine (ALS) and I’d been talking to the fan club down there. They told me they chanted this to him at Maine Road. When I heard the words I just laughed.

Scan-1Niall Quinn’s Disco Pants are the best

They are better than Adam & The Ants

Niall Quinn’s Disco Pants

When I was interviewing Quinn for ALS I asked him about it. Quinny can talk the hind legs off a donkey and he gave me the full story. He’d been on pre season in Italy and the players were going out for a few beers, but Niall got left behind so he decided to stay in for the night and was on his balcony reading a book. Some Man City fans walked passed and recognised him and he ended up going for a few drinks. He only had on his flip-flops, a vest and cut off jeans but it ended up a big night out and he was in a big smart club with everyone in Armani suits. He admitted he was drunk, dressed inappropriately and making a fool of himself on the dance floor and the Man City fans with him made up the chant Niall Quinn’s Disco Pants.

My mate and fellow ALS member Iain McKay was trying to get us to sing this song at Sunderland matches. We tried a few times but it was just embarrassing. We couldn’t get it going.

It wasn’t until we went to an away game at Crewe that we got it going on the coach, and in the pub and eventually on the terraces. Sunderland had a corner and Niall was on the near post for a flick on and just looked up at us in despair when he heard it – like ‘oh shit, I’ve got this following me now’.

Later on in the season we were on a live Sky game and the whole stadium was chanting it and the next day Cherry Red Records got in touch and offered us a record deal to release it!

We bought wigs and ’70’s disco gear so no one would recognise us. I wanted it to be about the song not the band. If one of us couldn’t make a performance this way, anyone else could slot in. Even our family didn’t recognise us!

‘Our Price’ in Sunderland covered its entire shop window with copies of the single. We had the press launch outside the Stadium of Light. Niall got interviewed by BBC and he admitted even his kids sang it to him.

‘Niall Quinn’s Disco Pant’s’ also got to number one in the NME Indy Chart and was resurrected a few years later when Quinn came back to Sunderland as chairman, brought Roy Keane in and got us promoted.

Photo sent by Martyn, Sunderland


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October 14, 2015