Lynda: The Cars- Drive

Linda BranthwaiteLynda: The Cars- Drive

“This always seemed to come on when I was driving to Sunderland in my little yellow Fiesta taking my – then – boyfriend home. I was living at home and a good Catholic girl so he wasn’t going to be staying over.

I’d just moved back from London and I met him within a week of starting a new job selling stone cladding. Because I had a car I was made a team leader. He was in my team and we used to laugh all the time. This week he asked me out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and I kept making excuses. I told myself, if he asks me on Friday, I’ll say ‘yes’. But he didn’t ask us! He was going out with the lads.

We went out on the Saturday. But when I drove up to collect him I thought ‘I’m not going out with that’. Half mast pants and a Lonsdale top. Do you remember them?  His  only said ‘-on-d-le’ ‘cos it had been washed that much.

We’ve been married twenty nine years now.”

Photo: Boldon Colliery, South Tyneside



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September 18, 2015