Lara: Modena City Ramblers – Ninna Nanna

DSC_0324DSC_0325Lara: Modena City Ramblers – Ninna Nanna

“I grew up near Turin in the North of Italy. I was sixteen and in the summer holidays my friends and me would go to a park, or a field and put up a tent for a couple of days. My mates would bring along guitars and play this- I did try to learn the guitar once but with no results!

We would all sit around singing ‘Ninna Nanna’. The title translates as ‘lullaby’ but actually it’s a song a man sings for a woman that he’s missing. It’s about being away from the one you love.

I moved to the UK two and a half years ago for an internship and have had to stay- there’s no jobs in Italy. I work in Sunderland now. This song really reminds me of those happy times. Actually it makes me feel quite sad because it talks about some one who’s away from the one he loves. These days it’s me- I miss my friends and family.”

Photo: Sunderland City Centre