Joanne: Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl

Joanne: Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl IMG_0081

This song is so memorable because my ex husband sang it to us.

It was 2005, before I was married. Me and all my family went to Tenerife to celebrate my Dad’s sixtieth birthday. There was eight of us including my Mam, my Dad, my sister and her partner and me and my partner and daughter. I was pregnant with our second child at the time.

I hate karaoke. I can’t stand it I think it’s corny and cheap but my Mam loves it. She dragged us to a karaoke bar and out of the blue my ex just got up and sang ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ to me. I was very shocked and surprised. I thought it was lovely. He’d never sung to me before or since.

It’s not good hearing it now though. We’ve been divorced six years now. Never again. I am much happier being single and doing my own thing.

This song has very strong memories but it does make me feel sad when I hear it.


Whatever happened

To Tuesday and so slow

Going down to the old mine with a

Transistor radio

Standing in the sunlight laughing

Hide behind a rainbow’s wall

Slipping and a-sliding

All along the waterfall

With you, my brown-eyed girl

You, my brown-eyed girl

Photo: East Boldon, South Tyneside


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January 5, 2016

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