Jason: Lynrd Skynrd- Free Bird

DSC_0396 (1)Jason: Lynrd Skynrd- Free Bird

” The first time I heard this was on my first lads’ weekend. I was 17,  someone had just passed their test and it was all very exciting. We went camping in Kielder and only had a couple of cassettes. This was on one of them and was playing all the time. We had a Ford Capri and £5 for petrol. We were looking at the gauge all the way back. By Newcastle we knew we wouldn’t make it back to Sunderland. We were rummaging around in our pockets, I think we managed to get 35p between us to buy some  petrol – just hoping it would get us home.  Everytime I hear this track I just think of that trip. Infact the car ended up in a ditch and we had to push it out. Looking back it was very funny!

I’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer. There’s nothing you can do about that sort of thing. The doctors have told me it can’t be cured, just managed. This is my go to song. When I am in hospital having treatment I can’t sleep. It’s so noisy I plug my headphones into my phone and listen to this to blank everything out.

It seems to be the song for all occasions. It just falls into place. The guitar is just fantastic. I do like to hear it. ”

Photo: Biddick Hall, South Tyneside



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September 17, 2015