Jason Cook – Comedian: Prodigy – My Love

Jason Cook – Comedian: Prodigy – My Love

It was the rave culture. That’s my era.

It was an amazing time in British music because rave was ours. It was a very English, British thing. It wasn’t a thing that was imported from America. A lot of the music that was around then, rave music was very badly produced- made by lads on computers in their bedrooms. But the Prodigy was done in a studio.

It’s a very simple song, it starts with a piano and when that came on the place went wild. It was like an anthem for our times and that time was incredible. The Criminal Justice bill was just coming in that was going to prevent people from going to raves. That was one of the stipulations of it. We felt we were discovering something new, this new style of music and these meetings we would have. All very innocent.

If you listen to it now, if you put it on in a room with men my age they will look at each other knowingly and go ‘yes this is also mine’.

But I probably couldn’t dance to it now the way this body has collapsed over the years.


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October 1, 2015

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