James: Michael Jackson- Billy Jean

James: Michael Jackson- Billy Jean

“This was the first song I ever bought. I listened to it all the time. I practised the moves on the way to school, during breaks, at lunch, on the way home. I danced to it so much I wore holes in the carpets.Rabbit Michael Jackson

I had a ticket to see him at the 02 before he died. I still have the ticket. Along with Lady Gaga, and Goth fashion he’s been the main influence in my life.

DSC_0420My Mam and Dad got this Thriller jacket handmade in China for Christmas. I didn’t take it off for three months. In the end I had to. It was so dirty from all my face paint I had to wash it. I wear the makeup all the time. I have a very supportive family.”

Photo: Biddick Hall, South Shields









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September 25, 2015