Ian: Stevie Wonder- I Just Called To Say I Love You

Ian CollierIan: Stevie Wonder- I Just Called To Say I Love You

“My second daughter was born in a military hospital in Germany. I was stationed there. She was two pounds born and given her last rites. They flew her to Kings College Hospital but the ward couldn’t accommodate me and me wife so my wife came back to the North East with our eldest daughter. I stayed in London to be by my daughter every day, 24/7. Just so long as they got her put right it nothing else mattered. At the time this song was always on the radio.

Three months down the line they said “she’s okay, she’s good to leave”. She was out of the danger zone. It was just amazing- summat so small and fragile and all the issues what she had when she was born. It was like winning the lottery actually.

I’ve got four others but she’s the special one. She knows it’s her song ‘cos when she was growing up I would sing it to her. To see her now – she is thirty three years old with two of her own kids and- she’ll kill us for saying this – but she’s about 17 stone. To go from what she was, to what she is now- it’s just a miracle.

I still cry to this day when I hear this song and think about what we went through.”

Photo: Hylton Castle, Sunderland