Harry: Donovan- Catch The Wind

Harry McCall Catch the Wind DonovanjpgHarry:  Donovan- Catch The Wind

“I was watching ‘Loose Women’ with my wife. Bette Midler came on and performed ‘Ukulele Lady’. Immediately, I wanted to play a ukulele. I used to play the bagpipes but hadn’t for years.I went straight out and bought one from a really nice Italian couple. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I was embarrassed by the instrument they offered me at first. I thought it was a toy. It wasn’t, it was just a small soprano ukulele.

As soon as I took it up I just clicked. It totally transformed my life. Seven years ago I had never played. Now I am in two ukulele bands. I’ve got four ukuleles, three guitars, a tin whistle, a bugle and a mouth organ. I even sold my bagpipes to buy a £900 ukulele from Hawaii – it’s gorgeous.

I like this song because it’s more music based than lyrical and I enjoy picking it out when I play.”

Photo: Hylton Castle, Sunderland



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September 23, 2015