Diane: Black Lace- Agadoo

Diane: Black Lace- Agadoo

Diane: Black Lace- Agadoo Diane Agado

I know this song is cheesy but it has such happy memories. I grew up in Boldon and every summer we’d go to Scarborough on holiday. Me, my Mam, my Dad, my sister, my Aunty and her three boys.

We would all stay at the Blue Dolphin caravan park. I loved it. Every evening the club house would play this song and they would have a dance competition. We’d all practise the moves every day. My cousin won it dancing to this -we were so happy for him.

I still know most of the moves. Not 100% but I give it a good shot. My daughter got married in August and we had the wedding here at the Boldon Working Men’s Club- this song came on and all us old relatives were up on that floor. I loved it and so did my daughter.

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