David: Bobby Darin- Mack The Knife

David: Bobby Darin- Mack The Knife

IMG_0040My Dad was a big vinyl collector. He had one of those big sideboards with a record player and a radio fitted in a wooden unit. He would polish it every Sunday. Only him mind. He was the only one ever allowed to touch it. He would sit in his big brown corduroy armchair- and he would play this song. ‘Smack the Wife’ as it’s known in our house.

If I am honest he was a little shit. He used to beat us up if we done anything wrong.

I forgive him because his Mam was evil. He didn’t break the cycle. I have. I have two kids. I never lifted a hand.

Over the years I have made Mack the Knife my own. I’m not allowed to sing it in the house mind ‘cos the wife says I sound like a cat screeching but I always put it on the jukebox or the karaoke wherever I go out.

I am giving my daughter away this weekend. We’ve got a live band booked for the Roker Hotel and they will be playing this song. I love it. It marks all the special occasions in my life.

Photo: Boldon Colliery, South Tyneside

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