Dale: Sinead O’Connor- Nothing Compares To You

Dale Sinead OConnorDale: Sinead O’Connor- Nothing Compares To You

“My Dad was a pure gentlemen. He was from a family of fifteen. He worked from the age of eleven doing anything he could. He drove lorries, he sold fruit and veg from the back of a van and in the end he owned his own garage.
Mind, he was a hard man. He wouldn’t think twice about whacking you. There was no leeway. What was ‘yes’ was ‘yes’ and what was ‘no’ was ‘no’ – but what a provider. The best provider ever known. He worked hard for forty years to give us the best of everything.
He’s been gone eleven years now. We played this song at his funeral.
He is still the first thing I think of every day.”

Photo: Boldon Colliery, South Tyneside