Bella: Oasis- Wonderwall

Bella: Oasis- Wonderwall

IMG_3957Bella: Oasis- Wonderwall

I was born in 1996 with a full head of black hair, worthy of membership to any boy band, but especially Oasis. It was January 21st – Wonderwall was number 9 in the charts (co-incidently my lucky number).

My Dad used to look after me in the day and wrote me a version of Wonderwall, all about our day at Scunthorpe’s ‘zoo’ (it’s actually a pet’s corner- I was a very impressionable baby).


“Today is gonna be the day  when we’re going to get down the zoo

we’ll see the crocodiles and an Armadillo or two

Bushbabies, wallabies and bears, elephants and chimpanzees

You can feed the seals, you can feed the mice, so take lots of fish and cheese…

IMG_0275It’s a mint version. It puts the Gallagher’s lyrics to shame. I have been known to accidentally sing the zoo version in the mist of a rowdy Oasis singalong.

Sadly, there is no known recording of the Dad and daughter version so the brothers Gallagher one will have to do.

Photo:Tyne & Wear




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