Annemarie: Tracy Chapman- Baby Can I Hold You

Annmarie Tracy ChapmanDSC_0397Annemarie: Tracy Chapman- Baby Can I Hold You

“I was pregnant at seventeen. My daughter was three months premature. She was only two pounds ten ounces. I sang this to her in her incubator. I lived at the hospital with her.

I was all on my own. Communication with my own mother wasn’t the best. I felt really guilty. I was young. I hadn’t had the best nutrition. I blamed myself. I didn’t want her to die. I wanted to say sorry.

My daughter’s eighteen now. I play this on vinyl and she loves it. I haven’t told her the story. Maybe I will when she has her own kids. My kids don’t see my emotions.”

Photo: Fulwell, Sunderland



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September 16, 2015