Anna: Glen Campbell- Rhinestone Cowboy

Anna: Glen Campbell- Rhinestone Cowboy

Anna: Glen Campbell- Rhinestone Cowboy

My Grandad and Grandma used to run a Country and Western club at the Quoits club in Guisborough. They loved everything Country and Western.IMG_2143 Country films. County music. Country clothes. Well they’d wear normal clothes in the day time. My Grandad was a butcher. A proper traditional man. I loved that they had this other life.

I spent a lot of time with them growing up. My Mum and Dad ran the post office in Saltburn so they had to work long hours. Then my Mum died when I was 11 so my grandparents were my second family.

My Grandad would always be watching a black and white film or listening to country music in his greenhouse.

He died a couple of years ago and they played this at his funeral.IMG_0068 I hadn’t really heard it before but it’s so him. It just fits.

I’m saving money, working in a café at the moment and they play Radio 2 throughout the day. Rhinestone Cowboy comes on all the time. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to stop myself crying when it played but I’ve got used to it. It’s a great song.

Photos: sent by Anna from Sunderland


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