Alf: Elvis – Mystery Train

Alfie Elvis copyAlf: Elvis – Mystery Train

“It was 1955 and I was twelve years old. We hung out in Notarianni’s coffee shop on Crowtree Road. There was seven or eight of us sitting pretending to give them business- I think we had one soda pop between us.

They had this big red and blue jukebox- a Wurlitzer. It cost a penny to put on a tune. ‘Mystery Train’ came on and I just thought ‘what on earth is that!’ The world changed.

I went straight home, got the biscuit tin, a wire and a nick and started strumming. It sounded like ying, tong, ping. I didn’t even know the words but I stood on the street corner making up my own. I already had the hair ‘the quiver’ cos of the Everly Brothers. I used to put any old grease in it to get it back.”

Photo: Hylton Castle, Sunderland



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September 13, 2015

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