Alex: AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long

Alex: AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long

I am in my 50’s, a Grandma with two grown up kids and I love heavy music. Going to a heavy metal gig is- as the kid’s say- a total buzz.

Alex ACDC 4I’m an Estate Agent.  My second husband Alan is a Chartered Surveyor. When people look at us they make assumptions. Alan’s the most boring, conservative, cautious person in the world. He’d never even been abroad until we got together. But he’s been into rock music since he was 14.  I met him through work nine years ago. Before then I sang opera and was into all kinds of music from classical to pop- I had teenagers that grew up in the Spice Girls era so I was used to a bit of everything. That’s all gone by the by. It’s only rock these days. We go all over the country following bands along with our pet fox Marcus.

Alec ACDC Marcus foxNever make assumptions from what people look like! On a gig day I wear ripped jeans, cowboy boots- I slip a hip flask of gin down the boots and a couple of miniature JD’s under the boobs for the lads when we’re in the arenas.

Heavy is a community. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you are next to, everyone will talk to you. I go to a gig and I never want to leave. Earlier this year we saw AC/DC at Glasgow and Wembley. Then we went to Paris- to the Stade de France. Alan’s first ever gig abroad. He really wanted to see how the atmosphere changed when they played in another county. We were the only Brits in our section and singing away to all the songs. The French fans around us soon got wind we were British. They couldn’t believe it when we said we were from the North East- like Brian Johnson. We all became the best of mates. The band played You Shook Me All Night Long On like they always do! It’s fantastic.

One of my highest points ever was eighteen months ago. I have a little MR7 sports car ‘Lizzie’. I was taking my three year old granddaughter Phoebe to meet her new brother in the hospital. The roof was down. This song was blarring away. She sat in her car seat in the front banging away. Fantastic!!

We’re off to New York to see Black Sabbath’s last ever, worldwide tour next year.

When people look at me they never believe it. Don’t assume- that’s what I say to people!

Photo: East Boldon, South Tyneside




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October 29, 2015

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