Mr Drayton’s Record Player has been entertaining folk since 2010 across the North East and beyond. Music fans have been choosing their favourite vinyl and sharing their appreciation with like-minded people.

In May 2015, Cultural Spring put a call out for storytelling projects to run in the North East of England.

We dialed up the volume – the Record Player became the Human Jukebox- a word Wurlitzer was born. We’re asking people to share their most memorable song and tell their story of why it means so much. We’ve had a huge range of people take part so far from children to grandparents, sports stars, authors, musician, actors and comedians, and lovers of everything from reggae to rave, Elvis to Adele.

What’s the jukebox about? It’s just for fun. Like hanging with friends and family, playing a sport or being creative it’s good to be out there, joining in, sharing stories with others and enjoying a moment in the spotlight. Help us to create and fill the human jukebox.

Join us and contribute to our people’s playlist. Every week more people share their stories.

Mr Drayton

started out his adult life as a stand up comedian (after a brief stint in the sock department of BHS) but his number one love is music and he’s been sharing that passion across the North East for some time. You might have seen him hosting a festival or two or spinning some vinyl at one of his Record Player events.

You might not yet have seen his record collection, or his Spice Girls crisp packets, Steps Spaghetti Hoops or other magical, musical memorabilia.

Join one of our live Human Jukebox events and share his passion…

Helen Spencer

has done all sorts of things, like radio, TV, gaming and live events. She’s worked with all sorts of people. Let’s name drop – President Putin, Posh & Becks, Rita Ora, Andrew Lloyd Webber (two of these at the same time on one particularly surreal occasion).

She’s the brains behind The Human Jukebox. It’s all her idea, and all her fault. She’s the one who keeps it stocked, whipping out her camera phone to record our stories so far.

We will be posting new contributions every week. If you want to share your song and story select the join in page.